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Kendell Lenice - Vice President

Meet Kendell Lenice: 


Transformation Life Coach

Professional Speaker

Radio Talk Show Host

Certified Financial Coach



Kendell Lenice has been a Life Coach ("Lady Motivator") and a professional helper for well over a decade. It is her passion and love for helping people that led her to this career. Her goal is to empower people to live their best lives and to reach their fullest potential. Her innate love for people compelled her to start Living True Living You- Life Coaching. L.T.L.Y's mission is quite simple. It was birthed to motivate women, men and children to live their best lives, through self-awareness and authenticity. One of her many mantras is, "You are a star, so don't allow anyone to dim your shine."

Kendell Lenice is a motivational speaker and a certified transformational coach; she coaches individuals and/or groups of more than one hundred. One of her key messages is to remind people that their toes are pointed forward for a reason. She encourages people to walk forward in life, remembering the past, but not dwelling in it. Kendell assists people in what she's coined as, "Remixing Your Life." She speaks on change and the betterment of thyself.

Kendell Lenice serves as the co-host, along with host Leroy Allen of Life Enhancement Radio. In addition to the radio show, she teams up with Leroy Allen as the Vice President of Life Enhancement Coaching Institute and Life Enhancement Toastmasters.

She is looking to leave her mark in enhancing the lives of others, ultimately helping them to live their best life!

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