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Become A Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Life Coaching Program (SLC).

Proverbs 4:7

The Life Enhancement Coaching Institute offers a curriculum that the accepted ICF Coaching Competencies using universal law and spiritual principals as the grounding foundation of the curriculum.

The Program Design :

Spiritual Life Coaching is a practice and a progress that utilizes a specific approach to coaching that is designed to facilitate and support a deeper awareness and acceptance of who you are as a unique and divine individual . The intention behind the inner vision integrated approach is for our students to be aligned with both the principals of personal and spiritual development as well as the accepted standards , practices , and requirements of professional coaching. This means our approach , our language and the results achieved are aligned with the student's individual authentic identity as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Thcurriculum of the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute is designed to prepare students according to the highest standards of professional coaching while grounding them with experience and knowledge necessary to be aware of and guided by their intuitive spiritual nature.

Leroy Allen , the founder , and director of the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute believes there is a critical need for the integration of spiritual knowledge and human experience . In this way , the coaching environment can become a bedrock for the evolution of human conscious through the elimination of mental and emotional limitations. A spiritual Life Coach is one who understands how life works when it is aligned with the flow of the Holy Spirit , and has mastered the information , tools and processe's required to support the transformation of others.


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